Simultaneous measurement of 5 different gases NOx, SO2, CO, CO2 and O2
Technology : Dry Extraction

Measurement principle: NOx, SO2, CO, CO2 = NDIR with Cross Flow Modulation & O2 = Magneto-pneumatic detection

The System is equipped with a comprehensive emission data recording & management system which complies to the guidelines of the authorities/Pollution Control Board. The System also Online Data transmission to the authorities. The latest version includes the remote calibration feature in which the CEMS system can be remotely calibrated from the authority location/ CPCB.

Online emissions monitoring system help you to control your processes and reduce the pollution in air.

Emissions are pollutants of either gas or particulate (dust) in the ambient air occurring as a result of the combustion of fuel or other materials. We source a wide range of instrumentation for our clients individual monitoring needs. Whether you require dilution of your sample, direct extraction, in place measurement or open path measurement we have a product for you.

Dilution extractive products clean the emissions process delivered for analysis by dilution. The conditioning and cleaning is in one and in this manner there is far less maintenance on your instrumentation.

Direct extractive procedure draws the crude sample of process emissions for examination from the stack and it is transported to the analyser for examination. In some cases, conditioning removes the particulate issues and water vapour. This procedure guarantees an unaltered and non modified gas sample.

In-situ or set up estimation occurs at the wellspring of your procedure emissions and the raw sample never leaves the stack. In this process, this is working as a remote sensing, because sample not able to touch any sampling apparatus. This will guarantee a quick reaction in measurement and a fast reaction in your procedure control.

Open Path monitoring depends on the standard of transmitted infrared light to identify and evaluate the gas of interest. You can be guaranteed that sample taken when utilizing open way monitoring is exceptionally illustrative of the entire sample.

Advanced cold vapour atomic fluorescence technology used by Mercury Freedom System which is enable the process of continuous sample estimation with no accumulation required. It is fact, the real time monitoring which is enable high sensitivity to huge dilution ratio and also not required any batch processing.

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